The desire to live in summer houses for a long time also brought offices to these houses. Remote workers buy a lot of workspace furniture for their summer home.

Now summer houses much more valuable. These houses, which have been in fashion again for the last two years as a safe escape, have also undergone many renovations and redecorations throughout the year. In this process, new furniture and decorative products of summer houses were moved from various companies to coastal regions. Apart from the summer months, these living spaces are made possible to work remotely with a planning. While taking a close look at the new trend that brings together both life and work, we looked at the furniture demands of remote workers in their summer houses during this period.



corona virus Reminding that the pandemic has accelerated the trend towards more flexible working conditions and areas that have increased in recent years, Doğtaş Brand and Product Director Çağrı Öztürk said that the first demands in this context were comfortable work chairs and then compact desks. Noting that the increase has started to show itself here as well, with the migration of white-collar workers to summer places, Öztürk said, “The areas where we observed the pointer to rise the most were in summer places close to big cities. The most preferred models both in summer areas and in the city; There have been designs that are more compact, do not take up much space and will not radically change the current layout of the house. Among the working areas, the glass storage area, the special hangers, and the work desks with shelves and drawer systems were among the most preferred ones.



Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam, giving examples of the architectural projects they have undertaken, tells us about the increase in demand during this period: “To put it plainly when the pandemic first emerged, we were like fish out of water. We were thinking, ‘We probably won’t be able to do business for a few months’. Contrary to what we thought, our home renovation business has doubled compared to 2019. Because people started to transform their homes into offices all of a sudden. Later on Fethiye, Bozcaada, Basement .We have started to receive requests from summer areas as well. And we started to receive demand even in winter in these regions, where our work intensity only increased a little in the spring months.”



Stating that those who want to establish a living space in coastal areas want arrangements suitable for both work and winter comfort, Art Design Chairman of the Board Turgay Terzi states that they received the most demand from the Bodrum line in this period. Terzi said, “Our weight in the country Istanbul ,However, with the spring months, we get into intense work mainly on the Bodrum line. However, due to the pandemic, we started to receive high demand from Çeşme, Fethiye and Bodrum since the end of summer 2020. The answer we got from the customers we interviewed was, ‘We will stay in the summer house this year and we will run our business from here. We want to make our house suitable for winter and working comfort. 75% of our projects are housing projects. 60 percent of this is in Istanbul right now. 15 percent of them are summer areas,” he says.



Turgay Terzi, stating that the ongoing remote working systems are effective in this demand, states that this way, the necessity of living in metropolitan cities is eliminated. Terzi says, “This explains that the houses will be used both as offices and houses, therefore furniture should offer both comforts. At the same time, we think that the house renovation movement will increase even more this year, and the places that express the house as a whole and everyone express themselves will gain weight rather than single furniture purchases. Especially those with big houses made one of their rooms a study room. The study room offers all the needs of the person together with its desk, chair and library. Those who do not have the size of a study room have created a space for themselves in this sense.”